Are you considering lithium batteries to upgrade your Boat?

Lead acid batteries are becoming outdated and are being replaced by more efficient lithium-based batteries. The list of downsides of our older counterpart doesn’t fall short – weight, storage problems, safety risks, environmental damage, and inefficiency.

Although lead-acid batteries come at a cheaper price, they can turn out to be more expensive in the long run due to their shorter battery lifespan and waste of energy.

The winner is clear – but what can you expect from upgrading to this more modern solution?

Here are 4 ways lithium-based batteries improve your boat:

1. More usable AMP hours

Your lithium batteries can be discharged up to 100%, although 80% is the recommended amount to maintain battery health. In contrast, lead acid batteries can’t go under 50% of their total charge or their battery health deteriorates quickly, which means that half of your total amp-hours are unusable.

Add in the fact that they don’t waste energy and deteriorate much slower, and you’ll quickly see how each AMP-Hour unit is worth much more in lithium batteries.

2. Less weight

Lighter, more compact batteries result in fewer storage issues. Lithium batteries also don’t release toxic gases like lead-acid batteries, so they don’t need a dedicated battery room, separated from other areas in the boat.

Lithium batteries also make your sailboat lighter, improving its speed and fuel efficiency. If you’re trying to reduce your boat’s weight, lithium ion batteries are the way to go.

3. Faster charging

Lithium batteries can absorb more energy for a larger percentage of their total capacity than lead-acid batteries.

The charging capacity of lead acid batteries dramatically slows down, once they hit 80% charge. This means that the last 20% take ages to charge.

Lithium batteries comparatively charge from 20% to 100% in a much shorter time frame, sucking up more amps throughout the whole charging cycle.

4. No maintenance

Not the most groundbreaking but convenient benefit of lithium batteries is that you won’t have to remember to water them for maintenance. That’s one less thing to worry about.