Battery safety is an important aspect when you are searching for a battery to purchase. At NexGen, we take battery safety very seriously. Our batteries have built-in battery protection systems (BPS) that account for several different aspects of battery safety. Below we will take you through some common features of our battery protection systems.


Overcharging includes charging a battery past the necessary time it takes to obtain a full charge or charging a battery at an excessive rate in terms of amps. This can result in corrosion and damage to the active materials in the battery. The result is can make for an unstable battery that is not safe to use.

BPS: Protected


When a battery experiences over-discharging, the voltage of the battery falls below a certain level. This can occur from overuse or from long periods of storage. It can result in the progressive breakdown of the electrode materials. The product of this process will also result in an unsafe battery.

BPS: Protected

Short Circuit

A short circuit is the connection of two electrode materials in the battery. This will result in excessive current flow and can be harmful to the battery and dangerous. The cause can be lithium dendrite formation or a compressive shock. It will also result in a rise in battery temperature.

BPS: Protected

Other Problems

There are several other problems that can occur traditionally with batteries. These include penetration, thermal shock, fires, explosions, or reverse polarity. While many batteries are at risk for some of these unsafe situations, NexGen batteries are protected. Their built-in battery protection systems are made to protect your battery from any of these unwanted situations.

BPS: Protected

Safety is an aspect that buyers should consider when they are purchasing a battery. Whether it is for your golf cart, boat, RV, motorcycle, or alternative energy storage, you can count on NexGen batteries to bring you the safest and best batteries on the market.