We’re a Great Choice

Applications: RV(motorhome, caravan),automobile,  energy storage system, UPS, SUV, Golf cart, Solar street light, marine application(trolling, starting)
With 1/3 weight, smaller dimension, but 8 times cycle life than SLA batteries.
Our lithium iron phosphate batteries are the perfect replacement from GEL,LEAD ACID battery. These Lithium Ion Batteries are designed as a “drop in replacement” meaning all you have to do is take our old lead acid battery and place our Lithium battery in the same way.

Nexgen lithium batteries are the ideal battery for any application that currently uses  AGM,GEL or lead acid battery. These batteries give you the chance to replace your old obsolete battery storage system with the perfect battery for your application.

As you may know, your existing lead based batteries are inefficient, obsolete and a problem waiting to happen. Typical Lead Acid Batteries have many problems including: losing up to 30% of their energy per month from self-discharging. They have a severe voltage drop when a load is placed on them, they can off-gas, leak acid and hazardous chemicals, do not last long, they are very heavy and made of a toxic material.

Nexgen Lithium Ion Batteries are:
99.9% efficient
Provide over 100% usable energy of the rated capacity,
loose less than 3% per month self-discharge
Maintenance free
3000+ life cycles
up to 70% lighter

Whether you are installing a new Solar System, replacing your Marine Boat Batteries or outfitting a commercial application, Nexgen  Lithium ion Batteries give you the chance to do energy storage right from day one. Most important for you are the facts that LiFePO4 Batteries can last for the duration of most applications, meaning you buy a Nexgen battery once and you are done. And considering their longevity and the efficiently they are less costly than the heavy and toxic lead acid batteries.